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Take part in one of our Ocean Swims directly above and over the Great Barrier Reef – designated one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World – can it get any finer? Our swims are a unique opportunity to enjoy this phenomenon of a race above beautiful coral, sea life and the crystal clear near transcendental aqua blue ocean. For any ocean or open water swimmer – this is the true bucket list swim.

Our swims for 2022 will be from Quicksilver’s Pontoons on the northern eastern end of Moore Reef, 50 kms off Cairns and from Agincourt Reef, 70 kms off Port Douglas. We will create either a 1000 metre courses, using floating buoys above the reef to allow us races along the ridge and directly over the reefs. It is spectacular. 

The swims include a full day out on the reef – transport on one of Quicksilver’s reef ferries, enjoying the stunning Barrier Reef waters and environment. The day will include briefings, warm-up opportunities, the race, merchandise packages, photography, lunch on the pontoon, opportunity to enjoy the semi-submarine for viewing, snorkelling, scuba diving, all in the company of fellow swimmers, bar on the return, presentations and probably one of the most memorable Ocean Swims you will ever enjoy, anywhere in the world.

All swimmers should be competition swimmers and able to comfortably swim the distances entered, and have done so on previous occasions. No buoyancy or swimming aids, such as fins, snorkels or pull buoys are permitted on any of the 3 & 5Km swims, nor the Relay. 

The swim the reef event over 1 Km does allow the use of these swimming aids.

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