19 October 2024

RACE : 5km, 3km & 2km


Sunlover Pontoon, Moore Reef

*Departs Cairns Marina, Reef Fleet Terminal

Prices & Package:

Individual Rate (per swimmer) $449
Group Rate (family/group of 4) $1,599
Spectator $349


Maximum 300 Swimmers

5km, 3km & 2km

Our 5km, 3km and 2km swims will be held in these age-bands: Female & Male, Age Groups: Up to 29 years, 30/39, 40/49, 50/59, 60+. This race will be swam under our regular race rules of entry. Entrants must be able to finish the course within the time limits of each distance.

5km = 2.30 hrs
3km = 1.30 hrs
2km = 1.30 hrs

These swims will start first as they are timed, timing is monitored by Masters Swimming Queensland, and all times and placings will be recorded.
Awards to be presented post race, on-board. The race is anticipated to take approximately 2 hours until final finishers cross the line.
The course is marked out by buoys over a 1km distance, as outlined to the right. Although this may change, subject to conditions and ensuring turning buoys are placed over sand and not coral.

'Swim the Reef' - 1km

If you simply want to enjoy swimming a ‘race’ over the Great Barrier Reef, with no time or real racing pressure – our fun swim is the one for you. Regular rules are thrown out of the window – wear fins, snorkels, paddles, whatever you choose. Swim 1km around a course you will die for, and take your time!

1km = NA, open to anyone able/capable of completing the course (2 hrs cut off)

This swim is spectacular – skirting the edges of this section of the barrier reef and offering prime viewing as you race. Your day out will include all the opportunities to snorkel etc, but a race venue you will never forget it. 

The Pontoon takes a maximum of 300 people – and we have exclusive use of it  for the day. Don’t miss out, secure your spot.


These are the Inclusions:

  • A full day out on the Great Barrier Reef:
  • 120km round trip to the reef
  • 4/4.5 Hours out on the reef
  • Meal & Beverages
  • Pre-race briefing
  • Race course marked out by buoys and a truly spectacular venue
  • The Race!
  • The most gorgeous ocean swim you will ever take part in
  • A chance at seeing Nemo, Sea Turtles and a 100% likelihood of seeing beautiful marine life, coral and blue-blue ocean. 
  • Warm-up and the most beautiful swim down opportunities you will ever experience
  • Opportunity to meet and chat with race ambassador 
  • Timing information
  • Photography, underwater and above water. Potential drone coverage and GoPro footage for all competitors
  • Merchandise Package including Race Swim Cap, Participation Medal + more
  • Evening Social Function


Seawalker Helmet Dive
Scuba Dive Introductory 
Scuba Drive Certified 

@ 2pm on Saturday 19 October Sunlover Reef Cruises will host the above extra activities. These will need to be booked via the link above through Sunlover’s Booking System

A Full Day out on the Great Barrier Reef with Sunlover Reef Cruises
  • Return boat trip to the reef – approximately 1.5 hours in each direction across the stunning Reef waters. Departing Cairns Marina approximately 8.30 am (TBC)
  • Morning and afternoon teas on board
  • Reef presentation by marine biologist
  • On board welcome talk with Event Ambassador & Race Directors
  • Hot and cold tropical smorgasbord lunch
  • The Event – 1, 3 or 5 km events 
  • Free time to explore the reef, all snorkelling equipment provided
  • Stinger/Lycra Suits provided 
  • Event safety – Qualified Lifeguard supervision throughout the swims and stay on the reef
  • Underwater Observatory fish & coral viewing
  • Waterslide! 
  • Coral viewing by Semi-Submersible vessel trips (2-4 per day)
  • Fish feeding [conducted by crew]
  • Medical Support – Sunlover Crew and hired Event Paramedic for the day 
  • Return approximately 5.30pm

Age Restrictions/Details


13 yrs to 17 yrs : 1km 

18+ : 1km, 2km, 3km, 5km


15 yrs and under, must be supervised by an adult 

*Triathlon Australia Maximum Allowable Race Distance


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