Assisting Reef Recovery


Our Reef Recovery Program aims to mimic the natural recovery process after disturbance and accelerate it. The outcomes that we wish to achieve are:

Habitat Creation
We work at degraded sections of the reef, so rebuilding habitat is a high priority and is critical for resilience. We are creating the structural complexity that houses and supports creatures across the food web. Every species performs a function, so the greater the range of species, the greater the functionality of the reef. Functional reefs are typically healthy, resilient reefs. We aim to create a healthy neighbourhood for juvenile corals that have spawned and fertilised elsewhere and seek to settle at our reef sites.

Spawning Corals
Coral reefs are critical to the conveyor belt of life in the sea. The annual coral spawning event after the full moon in October and November distributes countless egg-and-sperm bundles to the mercy of the currents. A tiny percentage survive to settle elsewhere. However, the more spawning corals there are, the more new corals are added to the Great Barrier Reef. We seek to care for our corals through reproductive maturity so they can naturally regenerate the reef.

Inspired Communities
We are striving to normalise reef recovery work and to grow the movement in our community and beyond. To learn more about how we hope to scale and positively impact the Great Barrier Reef, see our Community Outreach Program.

Australian Ocean Swims, Sunlover Cruises and Team Elite Merchandise are all long time partners and supporters of The Reef Restoration Foundation.

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