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Entries for all currently announced events are available online from September 17, 2021.  Simply navigate your way to the page “REGISTRATION” and follow the instructions.

Yes there are. There is no maximum age restriction, however competitors in any event must be over the following the age of 14 on the date of the event.

Competitors under the age of 18 wishing to enter the Great Barrier Reef Ocean Swim Series must have their competency / ability verified by a coach or parent. Please email Great Barrier Reef Ocean Swim Series before entering if this applies to you


Once you have completed your online entry form you will receive an automatic confirmation email. Please keep this as proof of entry.

Due to planning considerations, we cannot accept entries after Wednesday 27th October, 2021

Wetsuits are allowed for ‘The Trial’ swim in 2021, though it is quite likely water temperature will be quite warm. You will need to bring your own wetsuit, if you want to wear one.

Stinger suits are available to all competitors and will be on the pontoon, available as soon as we arrive. Stinger suits are not compulsory, but if you have any doubts, please wear one.

Most definitely, but you should have experience of open water/ocean swimming and have an ability to swim a minimum 1500 metres without becoming overly tired, if you choose.

There is no hiding the fact that ocean swimming is more challenging than a length in your local pool, but the conditions should well be fairly calm on the leeward side of the reef, and at worst choppy.

The Quicksilver ferry leaves the reef fleet terminal at 10.30 – we ask all swimmers to congregate outside the Quicksilver offices on the wharf side in Cairns at 10.00 am. 

Pack Collection will take place on the ferry during the crossing to Moore Reef.

Yes. For ‘The Trial’ there will be a starting wave for the 3.0 km wave, followed five minutes later by the 1.5 km wave.

Starts will be in the water near the side of the pontoon 

Make sure you take some clear goggles with you, event though you may prefer to race in mirrored goggles. Viewing the reef is infinitely more spectacular with clear goggles!

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